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This community is based upon the idea that normal, slice-of-life fanfic can be just as fun as dramatic epics. And by slice-of-life, we mean normal everyday stuff: Doing laundry, going grocery shopping, washing the car. So, if you've ever wanted to just write a simple story with your favorite characters doing mundane things, this is the place for you.

The Basics
This comm is open to any fandom, any pairing, and ratings can range between G and NC-17 (more on that later). You are not required to post a story for every prompt, and you're welcome to take your time; there are no deadlines. If you join later and want to go back to write a previous prompt, go for it. If not, you can just hang around and wait for one that inspires you. And if you want to suggest a prompt, just drop the maintainers a note.

A list of past prompts and fics can be found at our archive here.

The Rules
1. All fics submitted must be related to one of the prompts, past or present.

2. All fics posted should adhere to the following format:


Your fic

3. If your story contains slash or adult material, PLEASE INCLUDE THAT IN YOUR NOTES. We also prefer that adult material be kept to a minimum; afterall, this community is about simple moments in life, and there are plenty of comms out there where you can post adult materials. There will be no restrictions on ratings, of course, unless some sort of abuse takes place; but please remember what this place is about, and don't write and post porn for porn's sake. If the story has an adult leaning that fits in with a simple tale about life, that's fine, but gratuitous sex is kind of missing the point. As stated, there are quite a few places where you can do that already out there.

4. Trolls will have their posts deleted and they will be banned without warning.

5. While feedback is not a requirement, please try to share your responses to other authors' stories. You might just make someone's day.

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