Karen (kvancelot) wrote in fic_simplicity,

Prompt #10

Hooray for the tenth prompt in this community! I’m so glad that we’ve managed to get this far! Anyway, since it’s Friday, it’s time for a new prompt. I know that a million other fic communities are going to be using Trick or Treat for their prompt this week, so I’d like to go somewhere else with ours. Yes, it still has to do with Halloween, but I’m looking for something a little more specific here.

This week’s prompt is: Candy Woes

You can take it however you like to, really. Not enough candy? Too much candy? It’s all dependent on your creativity, and how your characters feel about candy in general. There’s a lot of wiggle room with this one, really, so don’t be afraid to tax your brains and come up with something a little different! And, don’t feel pressured to have to write, feel free to post in reference to this prompt at any time, and have fun!
Tags: candy woes, prompts

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