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Prompt #51, Pots and Pans

Prompt #51 is:

Pots and Pans

Cooking, cleaning, banging, hauling ... pots and pans can be used many ways! You could write about flower pots, or panning for gold, or a host of other things -- you're not obligated to use both items! If you're a fannish writer, just about every fandom could use this one!
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Prompt #50

Here's a simple one with many, many meanings.

Prompt #50 is:


This could be a silken fan, window fan, ceiling fan, oscillating fan, football fan ... yeah, the definition is wide open. Whether you want to fan the flames or be a fan of something, it's all good!
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Prompt #49

Over two years! Lots of time gone by and not a whole lot of activity. I'm in need of inspiration, so maybe by giving some, I'll get some back.

This one's a true bugbear in my house, to be sure! Almost always overdue!

Prompt #49 is:

Library books

Have fun writing!
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Prompt #48

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Where I live, it's been about 10 degrees (that's Fahrenheit) hotter than it should be for this time of year. Which makes me grateful for the line of trees that separate our property from the one next door. They're only a driveway-width from the house, and in the summer, makes our home nearly invisible from satellite imaging. (I've seen it with Google maps!) When they were planted, they had a specific purpose: to help cool the house in the days when air conditioning was non-existent.

So, prompt #48 is:


Have fun!
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Prompt #47

This new prompt just sort of jumped out at me as I've been having a heck of a time keeping one of mine running properly.

What am I talking about?

Prompt #47: Appliances

This can mean the major ones like the fridge, washer, dryer, stove, oven, dishwasher, air conditioner, heater, or the little ones, like mixers, blenders, irons, vacuum cleaners... whatever you have at home that you use to make your everyday life easier--until it breaks, that is!

My particular bugbear right now? My washing machine. I've put enough money into trying to repair it that I could have bought a new one!
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Prompt #46

I know that some states in the U.S. haven't seen a lot of this, but where I live we've been blessed with plenty of it. So much so that we wouldn't mind sharing, and getting some of what the northern states have been dealing with.

What is this bounteous commodity I'm talking about?

Prompt #46: Sunshine.

Lots of interpretations available, and plenty of scope for the imagination. So have fun with it.

And if you can, send us some cool rain. I'll gladly trade you some heat and sun. ;D
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Prompt #45: Front Porch

Title: Home
Author: vespurrs
Fandom: Knight Rider
Characters: Bonnie
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own them, and I'm not making any money off of them. They belong to Glen A. Larson, Universal/MCA, and probably NBC. I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Notes: I've just been in a writing sort of mood, I guess. This is my first post here.
Prompt: #45, 'Front porch'.

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Prompt #45

Wow. It's been well over a year since the last prompt. I was discussing prompts and drabbles with a friend today and realized that there hadn't been a prompt here for a long time.

So, back in the saddle and all that...

Prompt #45 is: Front Porch.

Around here, a front porch is almost a given, though I don't have much of one (it was turned into more living room space). People usually have their plants out there, perhaps a swing... it's where people gather, or sometimes just sit to watch the world go by. I'd include a front stoop or steps as well, if that's what inspires you.

I hope it does! Let's get back to writing about the little things in life.